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What Causes Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease, popularly known as gum disease, is common in most of the adults. This mysterious disease has several stages. Our mouth is a home and birthplace to various kinds of bacteria. These bacteria when combined with mucus form a sticky thing on the upper layer of teeth called plaque. When this plaque is not cleaned it takes the form of tartar.

Both plaque and tartar cause inflammation of gums, that is, the gums become visibly red, swollen and even bleed. This is a mild form of periodontal (gum) disease known as Gingivitis and is common in most of the people. When gingivitis is not taken care of, it will take the form of periodontics. In periodontitis infected spaces are created between the gums and in this stage the supportive bone that holds the teeth are broken and eventually your teeth are destroyed.

There are many reasons and factors which cause periodontal disease. Some of them are smoking, medications, diabetes, poor nutrition, clenching or grinding your teeth, stress, obesity, and menstrual cycles. Smoking is one of the key causes of periodontal disease and makes the periodontal disease incurable. Diabetic patients are less disease resistant. They are in risk of getting periodontal disease. Some people inherit the periodontal disease from their family. Every medication has counter effects. Some medications effect the production of saliva which in turn promotes the growth of periodontal disease. Diseases like AIDS, Cancer and all dreadful diseases produce many diseases in our body before death. Periodontal is one such disease. Not eating or frequent eating, that is poor nutrition or obesity, both cause periodontal disease.

In recent years researchers have found that periodontal disease is also a cause of many other diseases like raising levels of blood sugar, women giving birth to less weight child etc.

This dreadful disease, which takes away the beauty of your healthy teeth, can be cured with some effort. Try to detect the periodontal disease in its initial stage. Brush and cleanse your teeth twice a day and avoid smoking. Try to have good diet full of proteins and vitamins.

People who are in their advanced stage of periodontal disease can be treated with methods like scaling, root planning and some kind of medications. If it is not controlled with the medications and root planning then surgeries like Flap surgery and Bone and tissue Grafting is given preference.

Any disease can be cured if you take care of yourself properly following some rules. The periodontal disease can also be cured if you properly take care of our mouth.

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