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What Causes Bad Breath?

Have you ever been around someone that has bad breath? Not only is it annoying, but sometimes it can be downright disgusting. This may cause you to not want to be around that person at all anymore. How do you know that you aren’t in the same boat? In order to know how to fight bad breath you first have to know what causes it.

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, usually is caused when people have poor dental habits. This is the main cause of bad breath and most of the time can easily be fixed. Usually, people who don’t brush or floss their teeth regularly will have different amounts of food particles stuck in between their teeth. When this happens, the food particles will actually become a breeding ground for different types of bacteria that will grow on the teeth, on the gums, and especially on the tongue. These bacteria growths are the main causes of bad breath. If you have dentures, bad breath is usually associated with the fact that the dentures have not been properly cleaned.

There are other things that can also affect the way your breath smells. If you smoke or chew any kind of tobacco then you will likely have less than ideal breath. You may even cause your teeth to get stained and lose your ability to taste any of the food that you eat.

Last on the list, the foods that you eat will also cause you to get bad breath. As the food breaks down in your mouth, they will soon be digested and absorbed into your bloodstream which will then make it to your lungs and cause you to have bad breath. Sometimes, you simply have to completely flush out the foods before you can get back to the days of having normal smelling breath.

The best way to fix bad breath is to change oral hygiene habits and start brushing and flossing daily. Not only that, you need to learn to brush your tongue as well in order to get rid of bad breath. Too many people think that you only need to brush your teeth in order to eliminate it but the truth is that the food particles that get caught on the back of your tongue are mostly responsible for the odor. As you make a habit of doing this you can ensure that you won’t have any awkward social moments because of the smell of your breath.

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