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Is Late Night Snacking Bad For Your Teeth?

Do you feel hungry in the middle of night and start filling your stomach? Do you have the habit of having late night dinners? You might find it normal but you tend to forget that this habit of late night snacking can affect your healthy teeth. It can give your mouth care a toss.

Late night snacking can be due to many reasons. It may be because you feel hungry after long day at office. It may also happen if you don’t have fixed eating patterns. That is, you eat whenever you feel hungry, rather than having fixed five meals. In recent years researchers have found that late night snacking is because of the fact that in day your mouth produces saliva every time and it cleans your teeth cavities whenever you eat. After your body falls asleep, your mouth stops producing saliva. It raises serious consequences like late night snacking. Due to this your mouth doesn’t produce saliva and your healthy teeth starts decaying with the leftover food.

Normal snacking is good for health but late night snacking does not fall under this category. Late night snacking will cause many serious consequences like decaying of your healthy teeth or losing your attraction of your smile.

In addition to the habits mentioned, there are some foods that will encourage late night snacking and affect your healthy teeth. They include sugar products, hydrogenated oils and grain products. If you regularly have these food items and that too late in the night, you will lose your healthy teeth. If you don’t realize soon you will face serious problems like increasing body fat, Heart attacks, discolored or broken teeth. This will eventually lead to lose of your healthy body and your healthy teeth. You may find burgers or pizzas tempting and filling but that will be at the cost of your healthy teeth.

So open your eyes now and get rid of this habit. Let your healthy teeth shine forever. There are some habits and foods which may help you get rid of late night snacking. Rinse your teeth after every meal, have your wine only before you dine, don’t eat sugary foods which encourage this habit. Instead eat kiwis, sesame foods, Mushrooms, onions and drink green tea. Eat a satisfying dinner and drink a lot of water. Never compromise with your healthy teeth and your beautiful smile.

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