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Foods That Promote Healthy Teeth

Are you tempted by the sight burgers and pizzas? Is your mouth salivating from just the thought? Are you addicted to KFC’s fried chicken? If so, you’re not alone. But have you taken the time to consider what affects the food you eat have on your body and your healthy teeth?

Your habits dictate your health. Of all of your habits, you’re eating habits matter a lot. Your nutrition and your daily habits will affect your body growth. It is required for everyone to maintain a healthy diet for a healthy body and healthy teeth.

Foods That Hurt Your Healthy Teeth

Junk foods like burgers or foods having a lot of fat and sugar can remain stuck to the teeth after you eat. There are certain food items which help you maintain healthy teeth while there are others which destroy that beautiful smile of yours. They include grain products like sandwiches, burgers, cookies, doughnuts, Hydrogenated oils, coffee, cool drinks, cigarettes, hybrid fish to name a few.

Drinking Water Promotes Healthy Teeth!

To prevent this, try to rinse every time you eat. Drink a lot of water because it will encourage the production of saliva. Saliva decreases the chance of having teeth decay which affects your healthy teeth.

Foods that promote the long life of your healthy teeth are Onions, Mushrooms, Wasabi, Kiwis, Cheese, and Green tea. Onions increase the production of sulphur compounds. Catechins fight against the bacteria. Wasabi acts like a bacteria fighter. It increases the immunity of your teeth. Researchers have proved that cheese with high calcium encourages the production of saliva that helps to kill bacteria. Green tea contains catechins that will erase the cavity causing bacteria that stick to your enamel layer and it also gives you a good breath. Mushrooms, with their protein lentinan, promote the saliva to free your teeth from bacteria that cause plaque. This food reproduces the enamel layer on your teeth.

All the foods mentioned above prove effective only if you follow some habits like no late night snacking, chewing food the maximum number of times you can and regularly rinsing your mouth after your meals. People say organic or natural foods contain lot of proteins and they will promote to your healthy teeth and body growth. Include as much natural foods items in your diet as you can. Don’t compromise with your diet because compromising with your food means compromising with your life, your body health, your healthy teeth and most importantly your beautiful smile.

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