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Do You Cover Your Mouth While Smiling?

Say Cheese! Do you feel dreaded when anyone uses these two words? Is camera the first thing you hide yourself from? Are you afraid of listening to jokes just because they can make you smile or even laugh? Do You Cover Your Mouth While Smiling? Well, if your answer is yes then you are also one of the several thousands of people who shy away from smiling. This does not, however, means that they or you don’t know how to smile. People who are uncomfortable with their smiles know smiling but hide their smiles due to certain inhibitions. These inhibitions can be due to various reasons. One such reason is discolored, deformed or not so good looking teeth. People, who have gaps in between their teeth or have discolored or chipped teeth, tend to hide their teeth.

Understanding that a smile is an integral part of a person’s life-both professional and personal- cosmetic dentistry has discovered various technological options that can help you in getting good looking and healthy teeth. This way you will not have to shy away from smiling. Some of these technologies are listed below:

Dental Bleaching

Are your teeth discolored or dark? Is there something yellowish about them that prevent you from smiling? If yes, then dental bleaching is a solution of your problem. Dental bleaching is available in three forms- in-house bleaching, in-office bleaching. Various over-the–counter whitening products are also available that can help you in changing your dull and discolored teeth into sparkling marvels.

Cosmetic Bonding

If gaps in between your teeth are not letting you smile then cosmetic bonding is a procedure that carries some hope. In cosmetic bonding a material that looks just like your teeth is fixed onto your teeth. This makes your teeth appear better in a natural way. The best part is that no one ever comes to know that you got something done.

Invisible Braces

Invisible braces are the latest alternative to those old wires that were used to straighten your teeth. These are a big hit amongst the younger generations because they keep doing their job without being visible to anyone. So the next time you visit your local cosmetic dentist check out these trendy options that will help in improving the health of your teeth make you smile broadly.

Dental Implants

If you have been using those ugly looking and ill-shaped dentists for long then dental implants will offer a good change. Dental implants are root devices made up of titanium that are placed into your mouth as a replacement for missing teeth. If you are not smiling because one of your teeth is missing then dental implants will definitely make you smile.

Smiling is like living a new life every moment. So smile all day long and let cosmetic dentistry take care of everything else.

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