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Aloe Vera, A New Remedy For Sensitive Teeth

Many effective dental care and dental cosmetics products include herbs and natural remedies as they are safe and can be used by almost everyone on a long-term basis. Recently, a group of scientists studied and analyzed therapeutic properties of such popular herb as aloe vera. Numerous scientific tests showed that this natural remedy can play an important role for treating many dental problems, including periodontal disease and dental cavities. The results of the study were published in such reputable magazines as Cosmetic Dentistry and General Dentistry (a journal of the Academy of General Dentistry).

Aloe VeraAloe vera is known for its rich content of useful elements and nutrients. During the experiments it became clear that aloe vera extract can not only heal small skin damages, have calming effects on our skin and prevent sunburn, but also fight against common dental problems. In particular, aloe vera extract can effectively assist in treating bleeding gums, help to reduce bad breath and prevent the development of dental plaque, as well as some other dental diseases.

Dr. Dilip George, one of the leaders of this study, underlines that aloe vera products contain anthraquinones which have perfect anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties, as well as excellent pain-killing effects. In addition to that, dental gels and other products based on this natural remedy will be less irritable and suitable for people with sensitive teeth. Thus, producing and marketing aloe vera dental gel is considered to be a new innovative approach in cosmetic dentistry and oral health care.

At the same time, Dr. Dilip George points on the necessity to continue the researches in order to find a special effective technology for manufacturing dental products with aloe vera. He underlines that using high temperature technology can “..destroy or reduce the effects of certain essential compounds, such as enzymes and polysaccharides“. Aloe vera dental gel will be more natural, safe and less abrasive dental care alternative perfectly suitable for everyone who faces he problem of sensitive teeth.

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