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7 Best Ideas To Banish Bad Breath

There are dozens of ways to banish bad breath. Those include, first of all, using various sprays, mouthwashes, minty drops or chewing gums. It is possible to achieve some instant but very unstable effects using those products, but the question is: what to do if a chewing gum or bad breath spray are not available? Below, you can find some effective ideas about how to banish bad breath in a simple and natural way.

  1. Such foods as fresh crisp apples, carrots, fennel and others can help you get rid of bad breath instantly. If your problem is connected with eating too much of onions, garlic, or drinking alcohol, chew on a small piece of cinnamon or fennel root, and bad breath will go away.
  2. Chewing on a small piece of coffee bean is another very effective and fast natural way to banish bad breath.
  3. If you have nothing like the above mentioned foods, you can just drink a cup of strong black or white tea, or rinse your mouth and throat with some warm water. This will help at least to decrease bad breath.
  4. Actually, in many situations halitosis is connected with a lack of saliva in you mouth. Our saliva is a unique mouthwash with excellent anti-bacterial properties. That is why drinking more water can assist in getting rid of bad breath pretty well.
  5. From this perspective, specialists recommend eating oatmeal for breakfast as oatmeal stimulates saliva production.
  6. If you happened to have no toothbrush, in the morning or in the evening, you can simply use your finger to “brush” your teeth. This will not only help to get rid of morning bad breath, but also effectively stimulate and massage your gums.
  7. To banish bad breath, it is recommended to use soft flesh of fresh walnut (not a shell, but a soft piece of fresh kernel). In addition to pleasant walnut taste, your teeth and gums will also receive a good anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory treatment.

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