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3 COVID Related Dental Questions Answered

How long after dental implant can you take COVID vaccine?

Although we don’t have clinical guidelines yet for the COVID-19. Vaccine, we do know a dental implant takes 3-4 months to heal. Any compromise of the immune system during that time may reduce the body’s ability to fully heal the implant. Implant failure is the main concern and a risk both patient and doctor prefer to avoid. The healing capacity which could cause the implant to have a lesser effect. Chance of optimum healing and risk of failure in some patients.

I just heard that if you have had surgery even dental cleaning one should wait three months before taking the COVID Vaccine. Is this true? 

If you are a healthy person without current disease or pre-existing health conditions including periodontal disease, a dental cleaning is considered a low risk procedure in these individuals. If a person has recently been treated for periodontal disease, having disease causing bacteria in their mouth and system, they should postpone a Covid test for approximately 4-6 weeks until the mouth has time to heal.

Is it safe to get routine dental cleaning now? 

Yes, it is safe to get a routine dental cleaning now. In fact staying on a regular maintenance routine of professional cleanings and consistent home care habits is more important now, more than ever. This helps keep our immune systems strong by minimizing unhealthy bacteria entering into our bodys.
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Deborah K. Ruprecht, DDS​

Periodontics & Implant Surgery

USC Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry, University of Southern California – Dept. of Advanced Periodontology I Adjunct Faculty

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